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    1. Hello there! Welcome to Yijia Electronics!

      Product Center [MORE]

      Welcome to Yijia [MORE]

      Yijia Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a professional transformer manufacturer integrating R&amp;D, production and sales. Mainly develop, produce and design custom-made: high and low frequency transformer, inductance coil, filter, adapter, ring transformer, and professional agent of JAC high precision control card made in Taiwan. Products are widely used in switching power supply, computer products, audio systems, household appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, RO adapters, industrial control cards... And so on.

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        Winding Characteristics o... When winding multi-layer cylinder windings, like spinning, the winding turns are arranged in turn in the first layer of ...

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        Internal Overvoltage Prot... Despite some electrostatic protection measures (electrostatic screen, electrostatic ring) and improvement of winding str...

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        Analysis of Common Faults... The function of transformer in power system is to transform voltage to facilitate power transmission. After the voltage ...

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      Company Name: Yijia Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

      Address: No. 6133, 3-3, Huyi Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai

      Company website: www.lfjutuo.com

      Company Telephone: 021-31274510*8003 Business Department

      Company Fax: 021-31274520

      Company mailbox: yicha@yicha-yc.com

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